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Aslm dear Light upon Light WF Family

We pray you are having a beautiful month, one that it is a means of your closeness to Him and filled with His Mercy, ameen. 

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support, financial and otherwise. Your contributions have facilitated for us to continue our work this year, Alhamdulilaah, and we pray we can continue serving our community in His name, ameen. 

Please do consider Light upon Light WF when you donate your Zakaah this Ramadaan. Your donations go a long way in us fulfilling our vision of Developing Youth, Nurturing Families and Building Communities. 

Strong Families. Strong Ummah.



Light Upon Light WF

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Recap of 2018: Seeru iLlah (Journeying to Allah):

Outreach Projects

Our Monthly Mission Manenberg project is well supported by our volunteers and members alhamdulilaah. We have recently had a da'wah workshop, to spread the word of tawhid as we serve our bothers and sisters in need. 

Various Ramadaan projects are also under way, please contact Yasmin or Nadia on 083 225 5014 or 061 991 7786 for any info on any of the outreach projects. 

Dads and Daughters Picnic

A beautiful afternoon of bonding for dads and their daughters, with the intention of:  Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.


Dads and daughters praying together in the park, during the picnic

Seerah Retreat

A weekend of connection to the beloved  ﷺ  of Allah. We learnt about emotional intelligence the Prophetic way, subhanallah, an example for us in every way. Allahumma salli alaa Muhammad. 

Strong Mothers, Strong Fathers, Strong Ummah Conference

Free Parenting Conference with the intention of creating a Stong Ummah. The discussions ranged from:

Strong marriages, strong homes, “Umm” in Ummah,  Strong mothers, Strong sons, Through the eyes of a child, Learning to love the beloved of Allah, The Light within to Raising strong boys as strong role models and beyond. 

The weekend was filled with beneficial knowledge for parents, caretakers, youth and the like with the clear take home of Consciousness. 

Sisterhood Launch - Fun Day

Free event for teen girls to join the Sisterhood and have a safe space with each other. Over 100 young girls met up and spent the day in full on fun and connection with the LUL Sisterhood sisters. Older girls from the Youth Mentorship Programme run the sisterhood, with the aim of being a positive presence in younger girls lives. Ameen.

War within our Hearts

A 5 week Friday night event for teen girls being introduced to Al Wadud, The Most Loving One. 

For young girls to know we're all battling some kind of war within our hearts. To know that this isn't a fight they have to fight alone. 

Over 200 girls joined us for this workshop ending in Qiyamul Layl. 

Monthly workshops: Journey to Allah

Our monthly workshops continue to run, we were introduced to knowing Allah, through his names, which was followed up with the Most Loving One - Al Wadud. 

Light upon Light Symposium

A conference preparing the family for Ramadaan.  A truly beautiful event as Dr Mujeeb Hoosen, Ml Zakariyya Harnekar, Ml Abdurragmaan Khan and a special guest, Shaykh Ahmad Sa'ad Al Azhari discussed the beautiful practical aspects of Ramadaan, Quran and Families. A busy moms panel, as well as a youth panel addressed the attendees, and we all left fulfilled and high on Ramadaan goodness. 

The youth from Al Azhar High School and Khuddamul Islam joined us for some beautiful nasheed and ended in the Raatib al Haddaad rendered by Mahabbah Foundation.  Cape Town in Ramadaan is truly special. Alhamdulilaah.  

We pray you continue investing in us, that every bit of investment here, is one in your akhirah as well. 

Please donate your zakaah or sadaqah:

Light Upon Light WF

First National Bank

Cheque Account

Account Number: 62646569379 

Branch code: 250655

Ref: NameZakaah or NameSadaqah

Much love and light | Jazakallah Khayr
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